About Us

We are engaged in food manufacturing service in Tamilnadu state since 2005. We are providing south Indian traditional foods like Idli, Dosa, and Paddu batter with quality ingredients by using state of the art manufacturing methods.

As we are using quality ingredients for manufacturing Idli, Dosa and Paddu and other varieties of batter. We are definitely sure that the customers will like the same very much.

Our valued customers should always be satisfied and happy to have our products is our main motto. Keeping this in mind we are taking utmost care during batter manufacturing process.

Our primary aim is to provide the south Indian traditional foods like Idli, Dosa and Paddu and other varieties of batter to domestic and international clients. The ingredients are rice, urad dal, fenugreek which has good medicinal properties.

As you are well aware that this food can be consumable right from six months old baby to an elderly persons and it can be used any time in a day and easy to digest too.

Our traditional foods are always good at all times. We are mainly aiming to provide our customers with good quality tasty and healthy foods from quality ingredients.

We are happy to inform our clients that, the food what we are manufacturing is free from any chemicals, color and preservatives.
We will provide healthy, hygienic and clean Idli, Dosa and Paddu /Paniyaram batter to the people of Bengaluru city from 2017 onwards.